Realtors Park Development at the South Leisure Centre

Construction of a multi-season accessible pathway, benches, and landscaping is underway for Realtors Park.

Other new features are also part of the concept plan including cricket practice cages, an outdoor fitness surface, basketball nets, resurfaced tennis courts, and outdoor chess and table tennis.

The Park will be transformed into a traditional park, and a recreation hub for all ages and levels of fitness.

Purchase a Memorial Bench

To purchase a memorial bench for Realtors Park, or donate a tree, please contact the City of Regina at 777-7000, or

Donor List

Thank you to all of our donors that contributed through APCA events, raffles, and sponsorships along the way.  Check out a list of our donors.

Construction of the multi-season accessible pathway is complete.

Benches and landscaping will follow as funding permits.