APCA is currently in need of directors and volunteers who are interested in serving as the:

  • Co-President – shapes and guides the future of APCA . This individual will also review project proposals, manage operations, and organize meetings in a shared role with your Co-President.
  • APCA Program Coordinator  – as primary contact with AP Programmers, and the liaison between programmers and the APCA
    Board, assists current and new AP Programmers to run quality, cost effective programs for the community, and
    identifies and develops new programs; T ensures all programs are advertised through the City Guide, and in the AP
    Newsletters, on Facebook and the Website;  books facilities and reviews and approves all instructor contracts, and organizes
    two AP program registration nights per year, with assistance from AP community volunteers.
    This position includes an honorarium based upon prior community programming experience, and an innovative, enthusiastic approach to
    growing and maintaining sustainable community programs.