Engineering for Kids: Junior Engineering Discovery


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In Junior Engineering Discovery, students will have the chance to explore a variety of engineering disciplines. From Mechanical Engineering, students will build a magical boomerang can to learn about potential and kinetic energy. They will explore Aerospace Engineering by designing, building and testing their own straw rockets. During their Civil Engineering exploration, students will get to build their own bridges made from delicious candy and will design skyscrapers using various materials. They will also have the opportunity to explore different crazy concoctions from Chemical Engineering & MORE! No class Apr 25/19.

Ages: 4 -7
Class size: Minimum 6 kids – Maximum 12 kids.

Cost: $165

Session: Apr. 4 – May. 16
Days: Thursday
Time: 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Location: South Leisure Centre

Programmer: Colleen Trombetta
Instructor: [email protected]